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Your destiny is never tied to anybody other than yourself.

A unique mixture of economic simulation, strategy game, historical life simulation and role playing game in 3D!

Europe in the year 1400: The dark middle ages, once dominated by nobles and the clergy, came to an end and a new era begins: the age of free, prospering cities, trading and an open mind-set!

One of the goals in the The Guild series is to create a family dynasty which can last for centuries. While the world around you and your dynasty rearranges itself time and time again – all non-player characters (NPCs) make their own decisions –, you have to prove your skills in artisan craftwork and trading, participate in social occasions and perfect your political schemes and malicious intrigues.

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Developer Blog

Scenario map – The Burgundian Netherlands


Here we are, with another amazing map to showcase from your game of The Guild 3! Like most of you…

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Game Feature: Social Titles


Of all the improved features and characteristics that we have done in the game, the social titles are one of…

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People Behind the Scene – Francis


People behind the scene: Francis, Senior ”Duct Tape” Artist, at GolemLabs Studios. !WARNING! Warning: what you will read in a couple of…

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Profession: The Apothecary


  It was another ordinary day for Klaus, on his way to work. His days were all the same for…

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GolemLabs Says THANK YOU


GolemLabs wants to thank our beloved and loyal fans for supporting us on so many channels! Together, we have reached a fan mark…

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More Reviews about The Guild 3


From E3 to the RPC, from Gamescom all the way to PAX West, The Guild 3 has made quite an…

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Card Game Manual


Hi everyone! For those of you who got the awesome The Guild – Card Game at Gamescom or PAX West, or for anyone else interested…

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Some Reviews about The Guild 3


In the last few months, many media articles about our game were published online and we want to show you…

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About The Guild 3

The Guild 3 is currently in development.

For the sequel of the popular The Guild series, THQ Nordic, holder of rights and publisher of the series, was able to hire the Canadian developer GolemLabs in 2014. GolemLabs has a lot of experience with strategy games and artificial intelligence, as they developed the renown Superpower 2. The Guild 3 makes use of the very powerful Darksiders engine.

If you want to know more about game mechanics and the objective of The Guild, read through the four in-depth categories we have prepared for you:

The Guild Series Timeline

2016 The Guild 3

The Guild 3

Developed by GolemLabs

Logo: Steam
2010 The Guild 2 – Renaissance

The Guild 2 – Renaissance

Standalone addon for the popular Guild 2 series.

Developed by RUNEFORGE Game Studio

Logo: Steam Logo: GOG
2008 The Guild 2 – Venice

The Guild 2 – Venice

Second official expansion for The Guild 2. Playable without the original game.

Developed by Trine Games

2007 The Guild 2 – Pirates of the European Seas

The Guild 2 – Pirates of the European Seas

Official game expansion to The Guild 2.

Developed by 4HEAD Studios

Logo: Steam Logo: GOG
2006 The Guild 2

The Guild 2

Successor to the highly rated Europa 1400 – The Guild.

Developed by 4HEAD Studios

Logo: Steam Logo: GOG
2003 Europa 1400 – The Guild Expansion Pack

Europa 1400 – The Guild Expansion Pack

Official expansion to Europa 1400 – The Guild.

Developed by 4HEAD Studios

Logo: Steam Logo: GOG
2002 Europa 1400 – The Guild

Europa 1400 – The Guild

First game of the The Guild Series – released in 2002.

Developed by 4HEAD Studios

Logo: Steam Logo: GOG


Netherlands-Coat of Arms
All Buildings
Burgundy Map2
Burgundy Map1
Burgundy-Coat of Arms
All Characters
All Characters Guild3
AI #2
Thief Frame
Hansa #1
Alex likes Chickens
AI #3
AI #1
Hansa #2
Standard Edition Cover
Aristocratic Edition Cover
Aristocratic Edition
Court Room
Editor - Templates #1
Editor - Templates #2
Editor - Templates #3
Editor - Families #2
Editor - Familes #1
Family Emblems
Inn Frame
Carpenter Frame
Magdeburg #3
Farmer Frame
Magdeburg #2
Magdeburg #1
Jail Cell
Medievalified Jean-René
Chicken Gathering
The Tavern - Building
Sign Rogue
Inn Taproom
Rogue #2
House (Early Preview)
Coat of Arms of the "Archbishophric Magdeburg" Scenario
Four Seasons 3D
Coat of Arms of the "The Hansa" Scenario
The Female Thief
The Female Thief 3D
The Mansion 3D
The Mansion
The Thieves' Hideout
The Warehouse
The Guard
The Quarry
You Shall Not Pass!
The Stonemason
The Mine
The Lumberyard
The Female Baker (Early Preview)
The Farmer
The Cemetery
The Carpenter (Early Preview)
The Carpenter
The Blacksmith 3D
The Blacksmith
The Alchemist
The Bakery
Poor Man's Garb
Commoner District (Concept)
Citizen's Garb for Women
Citizen's Garb for Men
Poor Woman's Garb
Lower City (Early Preview)
Jugde and Assessors
City View (2014 Xmas Special)
The Farm
Soundtrack #2
The Guild 3: The Craftsman
The City Hall
The Guild 3 - Logo
Backgroundimage Keys
Logo: Key left
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Logo: Key middle


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