Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.7.3

(from February 15th 2019 until March 15th 2019)

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

Whereas EA 0.7.1 was about love, EA 0.7.3 was all about fighting, AI and sound. Let’s dive into the results of the survey.

  • The new combat system was very well received. You seem to be also very happy about being able to attack and defend with more than 1 character. Removing the pre- and post combat actions seems to also very liked as it’s less interrupting. Also nobody said that they are feeling too restricted by not being able to attack characters without legal consequences anymore.
  • By exchanging the combat system we also changed how guards are reacting on guard duty. The feedback was really good on that change. We encountered a few issues on that front that we still need to fix though.
  • Another big change in EA 0.7.3 was the AI. We introduced our new objective based AI system to the game. The AI is now following objectives based on their obtained titles. Your feedback was really really positive. Thank you for that. We will further improve the AI in upcoming patches.
  • The AI now also gets different dynasty values depending on the start skill they chose. This has an impact on how the AI is going to play out whenever you start a new game. Values will change depending on what actions the AI uses and how they treated. The feedback for that feature was really good.
  • We also added a warning system for lose conditions. It was generally well received, a few don’t want to constantly be notified. Additionally bankruptcy was added to the game. So you are now able to get into red numbers and lose the game if you stay in the red too long. Over 80% actually like that change.
  • In order to solve a lot of issues and make the game more fair from the start, we removed all pre-set dynasties from all maps. That change also received good feedback.
  • Based on our last survey we implemented now a feature that allows you to assign actions to your family members directly in the home residence. This way you can automate your family members and less micro-management is required. The change was well received.
  • Another change we did based on your previous feedback is that you can now see how much influence you get when hovering your mouse cursor over an action. The idea behind that was to make it more clear where you can get influence from. According to the survey it’s now way more clear than before. That’s good.
  • Finally we added lots of sounds to the game to get a better atmosphere into the game. Over 50% answered that it needs more finetuning. Please let us know what you have in mind?

Thanks again to all of you who took the time to do the survey!