Might & Influence


One of the essential elements in the The Guild series is to achieve higher titles and therefore gain access to mightier privileges. In The Guild 3 you will find many titles and privileges, divided into three social ranks: poor, citizen and noble. Members of a social rank are allowed to wear their appropriate garbs.


Town Council

Jugde and assessors

The council of every town has a number of offices in different chambers. One of those chambers could be, for example, the Trade Chamber where the Tax Collector, the Customs Master, the Market Master etc. are located. Every office holder has one or more office-privileges. Some of the decisions of a chamber are made by their members jointly. Several office-privileges are shared by all members of a chamber, while several are reserved for certain members only.

Every scenario, even every city can have its own unique town council with different offices and privileges.



For players, the Sovereign is the highest obtainable office in each of the scenarios in the game. A word of warning: Enviers will act ruthlessly in order to dethrone the sovereign, so tread carefully.

The scenarios in The Guild 3 are based on original historical locations such as a shire or an archbishopric. So, in one scenario the Sovereign can be a count, while in a different one, it may be an Archbishop.



With Guilds we add a new gameplay element to The Guild series!

Guilds can be compared to very powerful social clubs. Some of them are public and official, others are kept secret. Some of them are peaceful, others are destructive. Members of each of these guilds are united by identity-establishing philosophies, ideas and viewpoints and approaches to life. Once the player has joined one of the guilds, she/he will get supported by fellows and give them support if required. Moreover, the guild’s special powers are available to the player. It is a given that the guilds tend to have their own feuds “behind the scenes”…

Examples for known guilds: Freemasons, Craftsmen’s Guild, Merchants’ Guild…

Examples for secret guilds: Artificers, Brotherhood of Light, Guild of Thieves…