More about The Guild 3

AI System

The EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator), the new AI system in The Guild 3, is adaptive, dependent on the 6 trait-system, and with said AI, behavioural patterns evolve because of its inherent ability to adapt to any given need and desire system.



In The Guild 3 the societies can be compared to very powerful social clubs. Some of them, like the Freemasons or the Smithsguild, are publicly known, others, such as the Guild of Thieves or the Warlocks’ Circle, are kept secret.


City Districts

New neighbourhoods are being created within a city through political intervention/general rise in population, or similar environmental circumstances.



After you have established your financial basis, you have the option to set to automatic and focus on politics, intrigues, and increase your power/influence/wealth etc.



Forge your dynasty (you create your own “goal” of the game, become sovereign (with “good” or “evil” behaviour), dominate the city or the whole scenario (economically, politically) or annihilate all of your competitors, build up your own dynasty and choose how you want to play the game.


Huge Replay-Value

  • AI makes every scenario look, feel, and play differently, as the need and desire based system influences the AI behaviour in a (seemingly) random way.
  • Random-based global events, e.g. famine, plagues, war, town fires.
  • Actions from other players (or from yourself) like revolts in neighbourhoods, trade embargos and other economic measures.


Character / Dynasty Evolution

There are a complex tree of skills, professions, actions and bonuses waiting for you to be unlocked.


Multiplayer with up to 16 Players

  • The Guild 3 has its custom multiplayer integrated and can connect to other The Guild 3 players, no matter where they bought the game. Every player will be able to play with each other, even LAN vs. LAN connected via Internet will be possible.
  • Players joining a multiplayer-scenario will not join a team, but rather choose their character instead.


Free Play Mode

You can choose between objective (story) driven or free play to create and break alliances at will.



  • Will be available at launch to create and share maps with the community, and select from an ever-growing library of scenarios.
  • Easy to use modding kit in “sandbox-style”.