Patch notes for version 1.0.7 “Editor and Modding” – June 30th, 2023

Hello folks!
In addition to some bug fixes, patch 1.0.7 finally gives you all the tools to create your own maps and even mod the game!
Your saved games with the versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.5 are still working!

  • we fixed more edge cases for multiplayer games with IPV6
  • we added the official map editor with which you can create your own maps + a PDF with the documentation for the editor
  • we enabled modding in general 🙂
  • we added the official mod launcher with which you can install mods from the Steam Workshop + a PDF with the documentation for the mod launcher
  • we added an example mod called “EggMod” – have fun with it 🙂
  • we also added a PDF with the documentation about scripting in The Guild 3
  • we made some graphical improvements
  • we added hungarian texts
  • some minor bug fixes

You can find the ModLauncher, all the scripts and the PDFs in the subfolder ‘Modding’ in the installation path of ‘The Guild 3’. The EggMod is available in the Steam Workshop.
Please note: for a connection to the Steam Workshop you must have the game in your Steam library! If you want to play the game with a mod, please read the ModLauncher documentation located in the folder “Modding”.
Build number: 694816
We value your feedback!
Please support us and take the time to give reviews. And it would greatly help us if you could enter the issues you find during your play in our Redmine-Bugtracker. Please do not forget to add save games and/or crash-dumps, where available, follow the link to the forum.
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