Name in game

Hear ye, hear ye!

Good people of the Guild, we have an announcement to make!
It’s only because of your great support and impressive feedback that we are here today. That’s why the developers themselves have chosen to immortalise you within the guild-plane of existence!

All Early Access players of The Guild 3 now have the chance to get their name or the name of a loved one into the game forever.

All you need to do is:
– Send an email with the subject “Name in game” to:
– Tell us the name of yourself or a loved one you wish to include into the game.
– Include proof of purchase which is a screenshot of either: (With the guild shown as order) (With the guild shown)

Disclaimer: We will not be able to include all names due to restrictions to the amount of people in a game each playthrough, but we will include as many as possible.

After we received all emails, the team will go through the list of names and will slowly add them to the game with multiple patches over time.