The Guild 3 – QA Announcement!

Hello everyone!
A few weeks into the Early Access of The Guild 3, a lot of work has been done and plenty of work lies ahead.
Quite a few features in the game have been optimized, changed or added and have been made possible thanks to your feedback. Right on the spot – thanks again for your constructive feedback, we embrace and appreciate it.


We noticed you would like to have questions answered that become relevant in the future. Not just the questions about the here and now. We picked up some questions already, thanks to the community that provided them. We discussed them with the team and posted some of the answers yesterday.


Of course, we’re excited about your interest in the future of the game and its development. That’s why we’d like to make the Q&A a periodic installment.

The idea is: we’ll post a thread for questions on the Steam forum…/discussi…/0/1489992080507540634/ and the game forum…/245661-More-Q-A-planned%21…. Feel free to ask away there.


Please keep this in mind:
– Please check if your question has already been asked or answered.
– Please ask in a constructive manner and refrain from posting general feedback, bug reports etc.
– Please refrain from discussing questions in the thread, so the questionnaire won’t derail and confound.


We plan to collect the questions once per week, close the thread temporarily and get back with the answers as soon and as good as possible. We are careful to point out not every question may be answered, although.

Let’s get started with your questions!


Q&A on Steam :

Q&A on Nordic’s Forum :