Short statement regarding Patch EA 0.5.6

Dear Guild-Fans,

We wanted to provide you with a short statement why the patch EA 0.5.6 currently is delayed.

Due to changes in the AI-Master and the automation of employees and actions of characters we had to dive deep into the underlying systems. While doing our deep dive we discovered several bugs that were not as apparent in the old system.

We are almost done fixing the issues related to the new features, but we will need a few more days to fix the last ones and also to test those fixes.

Right now, we expect to launch the Patch EA 0.5.6 in the coming week. To sweeten the waiting time for you a little bit we have a short preview of the features you can expect in the next Patch:

  • You will be able to automate single employees instead of the whole business
  • It will also be possible to automate your dynasty leader for production
  • Placement of new buildings will be easier
  • The sun is moving again in the sky and the shadows cast by objects in the world move again
  • Clouds actually cast shadows
  • In preparation for future patches we started replacing the old systems used in Actions with the new systems we implemented
  • … and many more bug fixes and smaller features.

Thank you for your understanding,
-Purple Lamp Development Team