Scenario map – London map

Today, we are here to talk about another unique scenario map to showcase from your game of The Guild 3! Like most of you know, there will be many scenario maps available once the game is released. So this week, let’s talk about the London area.

London was once built by the Romans on the banks of the river Thames, abandoned after the fall of Roman Empire in the fifth century, and then completely rebuilt by the Anglo-Saxons in the sixth century. But the city remained the center and pivotal point of most events in the kingdom of England. It also developed as the biggest and most popular business and trade center, historically speaking. What will be showed in The Guild 3 is the ongoing growth of London; with the help of all the Lord Mayors, it prospered and established itself as a lucrative city, getting even stronger by profiting from the trade relationships with the cities of Cambridge and Winchester (by land) and, a little further away, with the cities of Hamburg and Paris (by sea).


There will be only one city in this map -with the exception of another small village- but it will be filled with beautiful architecture, fields, multiple markets, a mine and quarry, etc. A very important castle (the Tower of London) and a cathedral in the fortified city will also take place, as the central part of the map, as well as beautiful nobles’ houses since that part of the map is considered wealthier.


The Tower of London (oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe) is the most important part of the map. IRL, it was originally built as a fortress, to keep Londoners at bay and to see approaching enemies on the Thames River. At its peak, it has been a home for kings and queens. Overtime, it also has been used as a palace, a library, a royal mint, a treasury, a bank, an arsenal and an observatory. But mostly, the Tower is remembered as the prison it was from 1100, all the way to 1952. From a gameplay point of view of The Guild 3, the Tower is used as the castle of the Sovereign.


Today, we give you the coat of arms of the city of London, but also three beautiful pictures from the London map.