Release notes for version 1.0.1 – June 14th, 2022

Hello everyone!

First of all, why version 1.0.1 and not 1.0 you may ask. The answer is easy: We prepared a preview version for the press with all features in it, but still did some polishing which came afterwards. Version 1.0.1 has that included, of course!

With The Guild 3 leaving Early Access, we will from now on concentrate on fixing bugs and – where needed – balancing. Many of you are asking for news about the editor. We haven’t talked much about the tool in the last years, which is because we were solely focussed on the game itself. We will provide an update on the editor topic during summer.

We want to thank all the players of the Early Access phase – without your help and your patience all of this would not have been possible! Thank you and may Lady Fortune be with you while your dynasty progresses!

We value your feedback!

Please support us and take the time to give reviews. And it would greatly help us if you could enter the issues you find during your play in our Redmine-Bugtracker. Kindly note that this link leads to a new Redmine-Bugtracker, as the other one was used only during the Early Access phase! Please do not forget to add save games and/or crash-dumps, where available, follow the link to the forum.

Join the official Discord server where you can meet other players to chat about the game.

In the following you see what has been done since the last patch EA

  • the interior of the city hall added with a city hall clerk you can interact with, the courtroom and five rooms for the office chamber meetings
  • the chamber of judges holds trials, while the other office chambers (and the Sovereign) manage the laws
  • trials and office meetings are presented as 3d scenes
  • all ingame texts available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese
  • new voice overs (EN and DE)
  • more sounds
  • more animations
  • seasonal ambient coloring
  • season change images
  • new winning/losing screens
  • Steam cloud save
  • improved the location based actions pickpocketing, palmistry and game of dice to work as good as ambushing
  • balancing for several actions and for the economy
  • performance optimizations
  • and many, many bug fixes

Please note that your saved games from previous versions will not work anymore!