Patch notes for version EA – February 13th, 2020

Build number: 596111

Hi all!

As you know we had a bit of bad luck with the launch of patch EA 0.9.7 , because some crashes and an annoying ambient sound bug slipped into the release candidate of the patch. So we worked hard and solved the following issues with this hotfix patch:

  • Fixed a nasty crash that was caused when an NPC had 10 wheat bread and 10 roast beef in their inventory… in case you are wondering, this a little hint: this has something to do with Achievements 🙂
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by obsolete graphic adapters in the options menu. The system should now fall back on actually available adapters.
  • Fixed the annoying ambient sound bug where sounds were magically teleported from one scene (or even map!) to another.
  • Fixed a bug that caused employees to lose their buff when they entered a building that was neither their home building nor a public building. (PLEASE NOTE: If you continue playing with your saved game from version EA 0.9.7 then buffs of previously saved characters and buildings might still be wrong.)
  • Fixed a bug where the adoption scene as well as other scenes were not fully cleaned up after a player took part or used it. That led to several bugs.

Thanks for your feedback and patience!