Patch notes for version EA – October 22nd, 2020

Build number: 609031

Hi all!

This is another small update for patch EA 0.9.11 that should fix some urgent issues for you:

– Fixed a number of crashes in Multiplayer caused by the new user interface
– Fixed a bug where the warehouse transporters didn’t buy intermediates for the business buildings
– A bug has been fixed, due to which the procurement of items did not work if the checkmark was not set in the item (recipe) list in the top left of the production menu
– Fixed a bug where the minimum storage rules were not respected
– Fixed a bug where transporters brought a too small or too big amount of intermediates for their business buildings
– Fixed blocked character inventory in the overseas markets in the port

Please note: When managing your family members via the production menu of your residence, it can still be a bit tricky to arrange tasks for adult family members and for the children. Because both “groups” can only perform their own tasks. We will look deeper into that!
Until then: The master AI can foresee the next 8 tasks in your order list. If a family member cannot perform a task, the master AI will check if one of the next 8 tasks would be valid for the character. So if you want to mix tasks for adults and children in your residence, please be aware of that. To make it a bit easier until we deliver the final adjustment, we have reduced the default number for every task in your residence.


We value your feedback!
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