Patch notes for version 1.0.3 “Bug Hunting Trophies” – July 14th, 2022

Hello folks,

Patch 1.0.3 contains a lot of bug fixes for crashes. Unfortunately, we were not yet able to solve all server-issues for multiplayer but we did not want to keep the patch longer from you. Still, we also managed to get some connection improvements. We ask you to be a bit more patient and thank you for your understanding.
Beside the changes for this patch, the team is working on other things in the background. We will give you more information about that at a later date – we’d like to keep the excitement going for a little while longer.

Please note: Your saved games from the former version 1.0.2 (and version 1.0.1) will still work with this patch, but not all changes will be in effect in the older versions. The reason is that the map you are playing on stores data that is loaded and processed only when you start a fresh game in the new version.
To give you a better overview we have splitted the list of changes into two:

Build number: 660133

Changes that will be in effect with saved games from version 1.0.2 (and version 1.0.1):

  • We fixed a number of crash issues in singleplayer and in multiplayer
  • A number of connectivity issues for multiplayer have been taken care of
  • We made improvements to our networking capabilities regarding the handling of IPv6
  • We fixed the notification spam which occured when family members who were banished or have been sent to a monastery had reached the end of their natural lifespan
  • Added notifications to be sent out whenever a law of the city has been changed
  • Tutorial chapters that have not been read yet will be bolded in the chapter list
  • Characters didn’t unequip the item in their hand when they were performing different animations, leading to sometimes funny situations – we changed this on many places
  • As a client in multiplayer it could happen that the characters would keep sitting in the air after the riding horse, horse cart or cart was deleted from the inventory
  • For the client in multiplayer the progress bar for a number of actions was not updating
  • We fixed a number of issues with marrying via dynastic trade
  • We fixed a bug in the UI where office holders can adjust the number of city guards per village/district – now the correct numbers are displayed
  • Neutral buildings now bear the crest of a village or a city
  • We fixed a number of issues with models, textures and animations
  • The alphabetical order of the chapters in the ingame help now take umlauts (and similar characters) into account
  • The notifications for vacant offices, office elections and when election results now have the name of the city included
  • We were able to decrease the loading times more 🙂
  • We fixed several minor issues

Changes that will only be in effect with games started with version 1.0.3:

  • The ambush action was too lucrative especially in the early gameplay
  • Some of the actions of children have been balanced and the actions “Play outside” and “Stack boxes” got new animations
  • Henchmen can from now on enter residences of allied dynasties
  • Pathfinding issues and cosmetic flaws have been fixed in all maps


We value your feedback!

Please support us and take the time to give reviews. And it would greatly help us if you could enter the issues you find during your play in our Redmine-Bugtracker. Please do not forget to add save games and/or crash-dumps, where available, follow the link to the forum.

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