Patch notes for EA 0.9.18 “Raise your flag!” – April 13, 2022

Dear adventurers,

The most important addition to the game in Patch EA 0.9.18 is undoubtedly the interactive interior of the arsenal and the guild events with some cool buffs and loot items as rewards. And when you’ve finally become Sovereign, your banner will be hoisted all over on the map!
You can find out what else Patch EA 0.9.18 has in store in the following lines…

Please note: The game does not display/load save games from outdated patch versions as they have become incompatible due to the rework of core systems.
Please check if you are playing with ‘Ultra Shadows’ setting. If so, then please save the game settings once. After doing so, the game will inform you if your graphics card has sufficient memory. Changing the shadows to a lower setting will increase your performance!

Highlights & Overview

New features: Interactive interior of the arsenal, events with powerful buffs and loot items, 2 new NPCs in the arsenal, visualization of prisoners in the arsenal, the possibility to redeem a prisoner, and the flag of the Sovereign hoisted all over on the map.
Content & Balancing: Skippable dialogues in single player, re-worked Guild invitation system, partly re-work of the area map, some more sounds and animations, more balancing of businesses (especially service businesses), many draggable windows, faster loading times, warning message if the graphics card has too little performance for the selected graphics quality in the game.
Bug fixes: Many bugs in single player and in multiplayer have been fixed, incl. a number of bugs which led to crashes.

We value your feedback!

Please support us and take the time to give reviews. And it would greatly help us if you could enter the issues you find during your play in our Redmine-Bugtracker. Please do not forget to add save games or crash-dumps, where available, follow the link to the forum.

Build number: 649344

New features

  • Interactive interior of the arsenal:
    • The interior of the arsenal consists of a room on ground level and the prison in the basement, which is accessible via stairs.
    • You can now access the Book of Guilds and the Quest Book via objects in the interior.
    • You see all the imprisoned characters of your city when you open the Book of Prisoners.
    • The prisoners are locked inside prison cells in the basement of the arsenal. In case the city has more prisoners than there is space in the cells, some of them cannot be seen as they are moved deeper in the dungeon, where you can’t see them.
  • New NPC ‘Master of the Arsenal’:
    • The Master of the Arsenal can be found in the first room inside the arsenal.
    • Talking to her enables you to bribe her in order to free an imprisoned member of your dynasty. And you can take part in events (see below).
  • New NPC ‘Jailor’:
    • This kind guy guards the prisoners in the basement of the arsenal.
  • Guild events and war events:
    • From time to time, a neighboring city outside of the map calls for help. Once you hold the Citizen title you can send your characters as well as your lansquenets (the workers of the lansquenet profession) to the Master of the Arsenal, where she signs you up for the event.
    • The same goes for the different events of the five guilds on your map. In them you can only take part with members of your family.
    • A character who successfully participates at an event, can bring home money and influence. And sometimes they can bring back valuable and powerful loot items, gainable only at events! Same with permanent buffs (or debuffs in case of a failure in participation).
    • The reward of an event increases when you are a noble (war events) or when you are a member of the guild which initiates the event.
  • In patch EA 0.9.18, we implemented something a lot of you were waiting for: Once you became Sovereign of the fiefdom, the flag of you everlasting dynasty will be hoisted on specific spots all over the map, for example at the castle, at the city hall, near the city gates, etc.
  • Some actions for workers, like ambush and pickpocketing, have been re-worked. From now on you have the possibility a) to assign your worker to a specific place in the world where he/she will perform that action until you say otherwise, or b) to choose a specific village or city district as the target area for the action. For some actions like Palmistry and Game of Dice we are still not happy as the radius for searching a target is still too big. We are looking into an improvement for the next patch.


Content & Balancing

  • You can now skip dialogues in which you are participating with a button on the right edge of each speech bubble and you no longer have to wait for the dialogue to continue on its own.
  • All top bar menus plus the ‘Character inspection window’, the ‘Ingame wiki’, the ‘Erect building’ menu, the messages and the ‘Area map’ are draggable now.
  • We re-worked many of the functions and filters in the area map:
    • Now there is a ‘Map filter’ for residences.
    • We implemented a ‘select all/unselect all’ functionality for filters.
    • We made the differences between neutral buildings and buildings which are owned by a dynasty more clear.
    • While working on the area map, we fixed several bugs and increased the usability of the map.
  • We improved and rebalanced the far trade events with other cities. If you pay attention to the long distance trade reports you can now get great offers when trading goods with far away cities at the right point in time.
  • Waving hello and laughing at someone often interrupted the actions of player characters. From now on, only critical successes of both actions are causing an interruption.
  • Especially in the first rounds of the game the service businesses like barber and inn had so many customers to focus on that they had problems with serving all of them in time. This caused some of their customers to leave unhappy and thus the player lost a lot of reputation. We balanced that and from now on less customers should wait there for service. Sadly, there are still edge cases with waiting customers (e.g. when the building closes at dusk) but it is not so harmful anymore to your reputation. We will look into this.
  • Whenever someone bribes the Master of the Arsenal to free an imprisoned character, the office holder ‘Arsenal master’ gets a share of the money.
  • We re-worked the ‘Ambush’ action as we implemented this new positioning system for some actions. Now, only the attacking of victims out of the ambush can be a crime.
  • When you open the Book of Guilds, you will see that we have changed the presentation of the attitudes of the single guilds: Instead of three simple markers, each guild now shows a range for their three attitude values. With this, it should be much easier to understand when a guild would become interested in you after you reached the title ‘Squire’. And once you are a member of a guild, the display changes and a second range is added, showing you the areas with the risk of being excluded from the guild.
  • We’ve added ‘Join a Guild’ to the privileges of the ‘Squire’ title to indicate when it is possible to join a guild.
  • We changed the supply system for transporters on manual setup trade routes: A transporter will only load as many goods per waypoint until the maximum number stated in their orders is reached. Example:
    • Load 10 iron at waypoint A and unload 10 iron at waypoint B, but the transporter can only unload 7 iron at waypoint B because of lack of space in the storage. When the transporter stops at waypoint A the next time, they already have 3 iron loaded, so they load only 7 additional iron instead of 10. Due to this change we get rid of a lot of problems with the trade routes!
  • Loading times of all maps have been reduced. The same goes for loading of saved games!
  • In single player, the game is now paused when you open the ingame menu.
  • While the game is paused, all sounds are muted.
  • When you have selected ‘Ultra Shadows’ in the graphics options of the game but your graphics card has less than 8 gb of video memory available, you will receive a warning message.
  • From now on, all NPCs have a crest showing that they live in a village or in a city district.
  • When performing smuggle actions, the smugglers will now enter the outer areas of the arsenal and the port to play different animations.
  • We reworked the dialogues in the church: When a family member is not allowed to start the action you have chosen in the dialogue, you get proper feedback from the priest.
  • With the implementation of the new events we adjusted the window sizes and the scroll bars in the Quest Book.
  • We cleaned up the info tab in the building windows of all types of buildings. From now on you see only the information and properties which belong to the building type.
  • Crude Craftsman’s Hut, Tinker’s hut and Barber’s hut now have one transporter building add-on.
  • Butchery now has two transporter building add-ons.
  • We added some more sounds for animations and objects.
  • Characters no longer get teleported when entering a market. They now walk to a position at the main market booth.
  • Several more content changes and balancing steps.


Bug fixes

  • fixed a number of bugs which led to a crash of the game
  • a number of issues have been fixed which caused the game to crash when a saved game was loaded
  • fixed a bug in multiplayer that caused the host to remain stuck in the lobby when the client has left the game
  • fixed a bug in multiplayer that caused the inventory slots of a character to not update correctly
  • fixed a bug that led the time a character ran to a service business building to be subtracted from the time the character waited for the service
  • a bug has been fixed which could lead to problems when serving customers
  • fixed a bug that caused employees of service business buildings who got treated in another building to not return home
  • many family members of AI dynasties were stuck in the family life actions in their residence – now they have the courage again to step outside from time to time 🙂
  • fixed a bug that caused the attitudes of the guilds to be wrongly initiated and thus were not as intended
  • fixed a number of bugs which all together prevented AI dynasties from joining guilds
  • fixed a bug that caused characters who were using an artifact or consuming a drink or meal while staying at the marketplace to disappear until they were walking somewhere else
  • the movement speed of drunken characters was too fast… so we reduced it 🙂
  • fixed a bug that prevented the game’s sounds from being stopped when pausing the game
  • fixed a bug in the sound system that sometimes prevented sounds from being played when the camera moved closer to the source of the sound
  • when plundering graves or summoning on a graveyard, the name of that graveyard was not correctly displayed
  • the icon of the stink bomb and the artifact action weren’t matching
  • fixed a bug that could cause random events (incl. the trade opportunities and guild events) to be broken
  • fixed a bug that caused the productivity of workers to be lowered instead of increased when reaching the next level
  • fixed a number of issues with actions that are showing a confirmation prompt – these actions should run through without errors even when you ignore the prompt 🙂
  • fixed an issue with displaying the actual properties of freshly erected buildings
  • fixed a bug that caused the properties of a building in the building window to not update when an artifact was applied to it
  • fixed the position of characters on boats in the character inspection window
  • fixed a number of issues with the voice overs when acquiring a new title
  • whenever a negative number had a positive effect (e.g. reduction of a buildings decay) then the negative number was displayed in red – we fixed that
  • the icon for the secondary attribute ‘Entertainment’ was missing
  • fixed a issue where in rare cases the model of a city guard was assigned to an NPC
  • fixed a bug that caused all buildings to be valid targets for the action to extinguish a fire
  • fixed a bug that caused automated transporters to purchase goods at the marketplace that should not be sold there
  • fixed a bug that caused characters who did not die naturally to show a wrong age in the notification and in the family tree
  • we fixed bugs and misplaced objects in all maps
  • several models, textures and animations have been reworked
  • fixed several text issues


Known issues

  • Sometimes, robbers, thieves etc. follow their victims long ways and once they reach them, they turn around and run the whole way back to their position (as ordered). We will fix that as soon as possible.
  • The events in the arsenal might need a bit more tweaking. We will look into them more closely in the coming weeks.
  • In rare cases it can happen that characters can not participate in an event – we are already looking into the issue and we will fix that with the next patch.


Important information

Custom Save Game Directory: In case you experience troubles while saving your game you can set a custom save game directory by adding “SaveDirectory = C:\Your\Path” to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Guild3\options.cfg . Please note that the options.cfg is created after you change a setting in the options menu and then close the game!
Multiplayer: If you have a restrictive firewall then you may have to manually open the following outgoing ports to be able to play in multiplayer: 61111 TCP & UDP, 36895 TCP & UDP, 36975 TCP & UDP. You can find this information in the FAQs Multiplayer on our webpage as well!
It is quite possible that some problems that you have in your game are caused by missing or corrupted files. In this case, the following might help:

  • STEAM -> right-click on “The Guild 3” in your Steam library, then Properties – LOCAL FILES – VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…
  • GOG -> right-click on “The Guild 3” in your library, then Properties – “More” – Manage Installation – VERIFY/REPAIR

If you still have issues afterwards, then we recommend uninstalling the game and then manually delete the folder “%localappdata%\Guild3” (C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Guild3). Then re-install the game.
Crash dumps for bug reports can be found in “%localappdata%\Guild3\sentry\reports” (C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Guild3\sentry\reports) per default.
Join our official Discord server where you can meet us (that is, when we take a break from developing games) and other players to chat about the game.