Patch notes for EA “Welcome to the Hansa!” – May 16th, 2022

Hey folks,

With Patch EA you finally have the opportunity to play on the Hansa map – in the menu it is called “Hamburg, Lübeck & Kiel”. This map is by far the largest map of all guild games, with three cities and six villages and a whopping up to 18 opposing dynasties!
But let’s be clear: If you have a rather weak computer, then it’s better to play with lower graphics settings!
In addition to the new map, you get a few more improvements and bug fixes with this patch:

Please note: Saved games from EA 0.9.18 will work with this patch, but not all of the bug fixes you find below will then be in effect!

Build number: 652974

Content & Balancing

  • We added the Hansa map (Hamburg, Lübeck and Kiel) 🙂
  • From now on you have the possibility to send every adult family member to a monastery. This way you can easily get rid of unloved or useless family members and make space for more children 🙂
  • We doubled the number of sound sources in the game, so that a lot more sounds can be heard throughout the game, like bird sounds and the sound of floating waters.


Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a client tried to join a loaded multiplayer game
  • fixed a bug that led to a crash when hitting the enter key on an invalid target
  • fixed a crash bug when someone paid the Master of the Arsenal for releasing a prisoner in specific situations
  • fixed a bug that caused war events to overlap and thus could prevent players from joining the event