Patch notes for EA “Vivat Colonia” – December 21st, 2021

Build number: 637514

Hey folks,

Patch EA should stabilize the game so that you should be able to play smoothly during the holidays.

Despite the team heavily working on bug fixes and new features for next year we also invested some additional time to make you a little Christmas present: Cologne! This map also features a small surprise in the form of a “tiny little” new building 😉

And yes, there will be a DevDiary before Christmas in which we are going to talk a bit about our plans for the patch to come. Stay tuned!

Please note: Saved games from EA 0.9.16 will work with this patch, but not all of the bug fixes you find below will then be in effect!


  • We added the brand new map “Cologne”. Please note that the map is fully functional, but is not finally polished – it is only a “First version”.


Bug fixes

  • fixed a crash bug when loading a saved game
  • fixed a crash with a specific graphics driver
  • fixed an issue that prevented players with non-latin keyboards to type texts in-game
  • fixed an issue in multiplayer where it was possible for clients to display destroyed buildings after joining a running session
  • fixed an issue in multiplayer where the characters turned invisible after a building was destroyed
  • fixed an issue in multiplayer where children remained invisible after they turned 5 years old
  • fixed an issue in multiplayer where the camera was not kicked out of a residence which has been destroyed while player on the client computer was inside
  • fixed an issue where the camera was moved to a corner of the map after focussing a character who was in the process of exiting an interior
  • fixed an issue that prevented you from moving characters who were sitting on two specific seats in the mansion
  • fixed an issue that caused characters to be stuck when ambushing close to the far trade market on the “Humble Beginning” map
  • fixed an issue that caused employees to blink out when trying to unload into a full storage
  • fixed a number of issues with work animations
  • fixed an issue where employees showed the text “failure” over their heads while gathering resources
  • fixed an issue that caused actions to sometimes fail when they should only be canceled (e.g. user stops a character that was running to the church to execute another action – in these cases “failure” got displayed)
  • fixed an issue in the exterior areas of buildings where characters sometimes were ordered to move to a point which was outside of the exterior area


Known Issues

  • the daytime ambient sounds – like birds chirping – are for some reason played even during nighttime. We will hunt down and fix this nasty bug for the next patch.
  • some actions like the pray for luck action can’t be executed when several other actions are currently executed on the same building