Patch notes for EA – September 7th, 2021

Build number: 627482
Hello everyone!
This hotfix patch contains a bugfix for a very nasty crash issue in multiplayer as well as corrections for a number of text issues in the newly localized texts.
Please note: saved games from EA 0.9.15 will work with this patch.

Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug that led to a crash on the client’s side in a multiplayer game when a transporter or a worker was sent to be treated
  • the item “rum” was not selectable when setting up a trade route – please see the ‘Known Issue’!
  • fixed several text issues in all localizations – thanks for your great help in this matter 🙂


Known Issue

  • in trade routes it can be set that the transporter should buy “rum” at the marketplace. However, “rum” cannot be bought and instead has to be smuggled. We’ll take care of it in one of the upcoming patches.