Patch notes for EA “Spring in the Duchy of Burgundy!” – March 24th, 2021

Build number: 617778
Hello everyone!
Originally planned as an Easter surprise for you, we decided to launch the brand new scenario map of “Dijon” together with the bugfixes for the multiplayer lobby and the reconnection to existing multiplayer games.
Please inform us if you still have trouble with the lobby and the initialization of your mp games. We will continue to work on the multiplayer and bring out more optimizations in the coming patches.

Patch EA includes the following content and following bug fixes:

  • the brand new scenario map of “Dijon”, capital of the Duchy of Burgundy!
  • fixed a bug in the multiplayer lobby, that gave false reports about the fill-state of mp games – players tried to join a game but the response of those lobbies was sometimes: “maximum number of participants already reached”
  • the log-in and log-out process of clients has been optimized – before that the process sometimes time out and the client received the notification that the connection has been lost
  • the reconnection process to existing mp games has been optimized – like with the log-in and log-out process, the reconnection to existing games was sometimes not possible due to false responses (“unable to connect”) or timeouts

We hope you enjoy the spring in the Duchy of Burgundy, in singleplayer or in multiplayer with your friends!