Patch EA 0.9.7 will be ready in a few days!

Hello all,

Patch EA 0.9.7 is on a good way of being released in a few days! We are positive that we have fixed many crashes you guys have encountered in the last weeks. At this point we want to say Thank You to all who helped us with their bug reports and save games – without your help, it would have been almost impossible to find some of these nasty bugs!

We are aware that some of you have issues with connectivity in multiplayer. Some of these issues will be fixed with patch EA 0.9.7 but others will need more time. You would help us greatly if you continue with writing detailed reports in Redmine. If so, please do not forget to add the dmp-files which get per default saved in your game folder:

  • STEAM: Steam\steamapps\common\The Guild 3\Crashes
  • GOG: GOG Galaxy\Games\The Guild 3\Crashes.

If it is multiplayer, kindly let us know if the crash appeared on the host or the client.

Patch EA 0.9.7 not only focuses on fixing bugs. We continued balancing and tweaking and added some features. One of the largest things we’ve done was to implement a brand new system that manages the music in the game (more info will come with the patch notes 🙂 ). And we will begin to work on bigger changes that will be released in later patches.

Thanks for your continuous support and patience!