Oct. 27 – New Patch

The last patch (EA 0.1) is out since yesterday on Steam and GOG! 😀

This is the first patch which includes new content, as well as bugfixes! We added the new scenario map of Visby, the new market menu and a new item transfer window. For the market menu, you can expect some changes in the UI, since you had the old one for quite some time now. Please remember: if there’s anything, go on our Redmine bug report and tell us as soon (and with as much details) as you can. (https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/the-guild-3-early-access)


The next patch with bugfixes is due for Tuesday, next week.


Reminder: When a new patch is released, we highly recommend starting a new game rather than load a saved game from a former patch since you might experience issues that have been resolved before. Also, please check the FAQ (https://theguildgame.com/faqs-en/) if you have any questions; it has been updated. This message is followed by a complete list of all the crashes and issues that have been resolved this week.


New content

  • The new Market Menu has been integrated;
  • New item transfer window at the mouse cursor, supporting the mouse wheel to change the amount of the selected item;
  • New scenario map: Visby;


Bug Fixes

  • Windmill, Crude Craftsman’s Hut and Herb Hut now have one transport for hire slot. You can still purchase the related Add-on to have an extra transport;
  • Character Creation Menu: Once the face is selected, it will not change after selecting different clothes;
  • Fixed a bug which did not permit the player to confirm an Heir, in the Select Heir pop-up, after the death of the player’s character;
  • Fixed a bug where buildings transferred to another player would not display the correct flag after the transaction;



  • Scrolling with mouse wheel in lists should be faster now;
  • Raw materials no longer have a level attached to them;
  • Added missing business icons related to items;
  • Dropping items in a transport after selecting items from the market menu works properly;



  • Scenario map Archbishop Magdeburg: Modified the layout of the lumberyard and the mine.


Thank you again and have a nice weekend,