Oct. 20 – New Patch

Here we are, another Early Access week has passed by! Please, take note that the last patch (0.018O) is live since yesterday on Steam and GOG.

The next patch will be out next Tuesday.


A short reminder for the “Black Screen” bug: please use the Safe Mode fix for now. Also, please check the FAQ (https://theguildgame.com/faqs-en/) if you have any questions. And lastly, we are looking forward to your ongoing help with bug reports on Redmine (https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/the-guild-3-early-access) because it really helps us to speed up the process. We appreciate all your time and efforts. This message will be followed by a complete list of all the crashes and issues that have been resolved during the week.


Thank you again and have a nice weekend.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved another crash when a building is destroyed;
  • Fixed a bug which is related to the “drop downs” in the map selection window and the character creation window;
  • Collect Ingredients: Fixed a bug where either an employee or avatar would “freeze” if sent during a second errand;
  • Collect Ingredients: The number of workers on their way to collect ingredients are now correctly displayed;
  • Characters will now face the correct direction when going to a destination while the FPS (Frames Per Second) are low;
  • “Black Screen” temporary test solution: This fix only concerns those of you who get a black screen & can hear the sound when starting the game. STEAM users will receive the notification to start the game in “safe mode”. If you have had a black screen problem, please accept. If not, you can decline. GOG users can reach the notification manually by starting the file “Guild3SafeMode.bat” in the installation folder. Then, options can be changed afterwards with a restart.
  • The actions “Praise […]” and “Denounce someone in front of the city council” should no longer cause the game to crash;
  • A baker sending out an employee to retrieve honey should no longer freeze;
  • The Master AI will continue working after loading a save game;
  • The Master AI will no longer hire more employees then the available space;
  • Switching off “Random Events” could prevent the player from using the menus on top of the hud, e.g. the skill book;



  • Shortened the Life Candle near the character’s portrait on the top left corner;
  • When a character is in good health, the bar will now appear as green instead of red;
  • Adjusted the alignment of multiple text threads;
  • Added missing icons & replaced temp work icons;
  • The production menu in the residence no longer show the AI controls or the (empty) number of employees;
  • Added an indicator icon that shows where an item can be dropped during a transaction or transfer.