Nov. 2nd – New Patch

Again, the last patch (EA 0.1.2) is out since yesterday on Steam and GOG! 🙂

We did several bugfixes this week, as well as working hard on preparing the next content patch (EA 0.2) that is planned for Thursday, November 9th. Be ready for it! In this new patch, there will be new content (new map, the winning conditions, etc.), multiple bugfixes and some great changes in the UI, as we are working and modifying it for the new one throughout the upcoming months.


For these reasons, we will not launch a patch with bugfixes before that.



Please remember: if there’s a bug or a problem, go on our Redmine bug report and tell us as soon (and with as much details) as you can. ( And don’t forget, when a new patch is released, we highly recommend starting a new game rather than load a saved game from a former patch since you might experience issues that have been resolved before.

The FAQ ( has been updated. If you have any questions, you can check it out! This message is followed by a complete list of all the crashes and issues that have been resolved this week.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the player from opening menus after saving & loading a game;
  • Handcarts and Horsecarts should not “float” in the air anymore;
  • Fixed a transaction exploit that could reward the player twice the amount of money selling items while using the “Unload All” button;
  • During a transaction, “double left clicking” with the mouse on an item will automatically display the amount connected to the highest slot capacity of the transport;
  • Cancelling “Go on a journey” will no longer give the player 10000 gold;



  • The intermediate product Flax can now only be produced in the Herbs Hut & not in the Residence;
  • You will now receive 2 Wool from one Sheep instead of just 1;



  • Texture and skinning corrections for some female noble character models;


Thank you for your patience and have a nice weekend,