Nov. 17th – New Patch

The last patch EA 0.2.1 is available since yesterday on Steam and GOG!

This week we are offering you a smaller patch, as we are working on the features which are planned for release next week. Next week, there will be only one patch coming up, and we are excited to show it to you. We are still working hard and appreciate all your patience, support and understanding.

Please note that we are fully aware of the issues concerning the temporary use of some UI elements in the game and the effect of those not working as intended.  We understand that this can be unpleasant, and we are replacing these temporary elements slowly but surely as we integrate the revised UI with its functionalities, all the while resolving fixes and completing features as well. More is coming! 🙂


Please remember: if there’s a bug or a problem, go on our Redmine bug report and tell us as soon (and with as much details) as you can. ( And don’t forget, when a new patch is released, we highly recommend starting a new game rather than load a saved game from a former patch since you might experience issues that have been resolved before.

The FAQ ( is still available for some recurring questions. This message is followed by a list of all the crashes and issues that have been resolved this week.



  • The Family Crest which is displayed in owned businesses should now be the same located below the character’s portrait on the top left section of the HUD;
  • Pressing the Family Crest below the character’s portrait will now open the Family Tree Menu;


  • Scenario Map London: Added a brushwood, cemetery & grove near the Maidstone neighborhood to make the Poor Fellow mode more enjoyable;
  • Scenario Map London: multiple corrections of streets which ensures NPCs no longer walk on water.


Thank you again and have a nice weekend,