The Guild 3 is going into Early Access today!

Great news, folks: The Guild 3 is out there, available in Early Access through our Steam page and GOG right about now!

We really hope you will have a lot of fun with it! Keep in mind: it’s only the first version before the final one is released next year! But this version is fully playable, available with English and with German texts (with more languages coming along the way).

We go into Early Access, because we want your feedback! This is why we’ve setup a Discord channel ( where you can get in contact with other players and with us as well. And you can help us with bug reports in our new Redmine bugtracker ( All in addition to our official forum (, Steam Community ( and the forum on GOG (

Please understand that we are still in development and will not be available for you 24/7  🙁

It will be a pleasure to read you all ? Now go and have fun!