Some Reviews about The Guild 3

In the last few months, many media articles about our game were published online and we want to show you what other people say about The Guild 3. If you have been current with our multiple posts (on our Facebook page, our website and our forums), you know that we attended several conventions these last few months: PAX, E3, RPC, etc. We met and talked to a lot of folks, to many passionate gamers and members from the video game industry. People talk about The Guild 3. And everyone has something to say. So here are some excerpts to give you a little insight of what people say about your favorite game!


First, there was an article on GamePlane[1], just after Gamescom 2015, talking about the progress that the game had made after one year of development only. The author was really excited, albeit realistic: even though there was no official date available, he said: ”What we DO have, however, is a whole lot of info about secret societies, game progression and also the map and scenario Editor. The good stuff really.” About that same time, an exciting article from HookedGamers[2]  gave an insight on the new publisher and the AI component of the game: “So The Guild 3 has something to prove. Now under a different publisher, THQ Nordic, there is more time and funding to do things right. Most importantly, the AI isn’t just one of the game’s features but a core component and is being designed by AI experts. All the ingredients to make a fantastic game are there.”


This year, more articles can be found on various websites, since the game’s release is coming up really soon 😉 . Also, there are two YouTubers[3] that made a gameplay video about The Guild and said that you should ”try The Guild I or The Guild II […] and be as excited as we are.” And that you should be “[…] stoked to already see what they have to offer. Already they have some very different things going out with The Guild 3.” That’s all true and we can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming for this one!


As days are passing by, you are closer to it than ever before and Rock Paper Shotgun[4], a UK-based blog, also had something to say about it: “That day may be coming, as The Guild 3 is coming. It’ll bring more economic strategy fun with a side of family life and social simmering.” The author made it clear she had read about our AI component too and that “everyone and everything in the game will have a tiny brain judging you and trying to figure out if it needs to destroy you as you try to build your dynasty through financial, social, and societal wheeling’s and dealings.”


After the E3 of this year, GamePlane[5] wrote another article, (because they can’t wait to play, just like you!): “It’s this year when the successor of the genre mix of strategy, economic simulation and a little bit of Sims is coming to us. I for one can barely contain myself and I’m excited for all of the further progress that I will be surely seeing at Gamescom.” So, we will see you at Gamescom folks 🙂 And hopefully, people will keep talking about how excited they are about the release of The Guild 3. In the meantime, stay tuned!



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