Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.5.3

(from July 25th 2018 until August 10th 2018)

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

The following answers should reflect on how we interpret the results of the survey.

  • The pathfinding was probably one of the biggest topics we tackled so far. We are of course happy that a big majority of you feel that it improved. Changing the pathfinding unveiled a lot of issues related to what action characters are following. We are currently working on it to fix and improve that.
  • We added the so called character plaques to game that show the character’s dynasty crest, name (if not an employee) and office position. This information is now also shown when hovering a character with the mouse cursor. This change was well received, which makes us pretty happy. As we thought that some of you may like to play without that information we added options to the options menu to control what information you want to see. It seems that lots of you like to control these kind of things. We’ll definitely take that into account for future user interface features.
  • The most well received feature we implemented in 0.5.3. is the new cursor behavior and the validation feedback. A big majority replied that they get now more useful information than before. Due the feedback we will now also apply that functionality to building construction.
  • Our changes to the AI were perceived by a majority as already better but also a lot of you replied that it actually doesn’t feel differently. We know that there are a lot of issues currently in the AI system and this will be definitely a topic, that we’ll continue improving over a long time. There are also still cases in which character get stuck in certain behaviors. This is obviously something that we are currently looking into.

Thanks for participating and your continuous support!