Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.5.2

(from July 4th 2018 until July 15th 2018, 148 participants)

Before we can jump into the results of the EA 0.5.2 we want to send you a big THANKS. This time we got 148 responses!

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

The following answers should reflect on how we interpret the results of the survey.

  • Changing the title system to also require money to obtain titles was very well received. Nevertheless we saw in the comments that you are missing the act of actually going to the town hall to request the title. We are definitely thinking about how we can improve the feeling of obtaining titles. For now we think it’s working decently. What do you guys think?
  • Coloring the clothes of characters was very well received in EA 0.5.2. We know that by adding colors to the clothes that some clothes may seem a bit out of place. Nevertheless we went for the change as we think that even if that feels a bit “gamey” it’s extremely important for supporting the gameplay of The Guild 3.
  • We’ve also added the feature that flags are shown on top of buildings which show which dynasty owns the building. This addition was very well received.
  • It seems that life expectancy of your characters was not a big issue for you guys 🙂 The changes to have a more versatile life expectancy was positively received but a lot of answers were saying it’s ok. Do you think that different changes should have been made?
  • The look of your employees is now dependent on what business they work in. We didn’t exchange all of the models yet, still we got very positive feedback from you guys. Thanks!
  • The answers to our question regarding the performance were extremely balanced between feeling the improvements, no changes and actually not being sure. In the future we will only ask performance related questions when we do very big changes in that direction.

To sum it up we are really happy that the changes we did were well received and more importantly that the new version felt better than the previous one. This should always be the case 🙂