Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.5.1

In the survey regarding the patch EA 0.5.1 all the questions were targeted purely on the changes done in 0.5.1. First, thanks to everybody who participated in the survey and of course also to everybody who’s giving us feedback in the forums. As always we would like to share the results of the survey with you here as well.

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

In this post we want to mainly let you guys know how we assessed the results and what we are going to take from it.

  • Increasing transparency for objects close to the camera was received well as you can see in the results. The majority went with the second option. It seems that for a majority they didn’t see the occlusion problem that severe. We thought about adding an option to the options menu to switch off the feature.
  • The selection outline and the highlighting of interactive objects were very well received. We are very happy as we think that it’s already easier to see what’s interactive and what’s currently selected. To make that happen we also added that the character portraits are shown on the selected building. The survey response regarding that new feature was really good.
  • Highlighting valid and invalid objects already when an action is selected was only the first step to speed up the use of actions. You should think about what you want to do and not how to do it. It’s good that you see it the same way according to the survey. As a next step we want to provide more information when hovering invalid targets.
  • Another feature that we also wouldn’t like to miss anymore is the “Show idle characters” button. According to the survey you are pretty happy with that solution.
  • The results regarding the performance are mixed. The improvements were not as big as we witnessed in our test environment. A next step to improve performance will be to optimize vegetation assets. This should have a bigger impact on performance than our last optimizations. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again for taking your time to fill out the survey. We are happy that lots of our changes were received well. What do you guys think about the results or even the surveys in general. Let us know in the comments.