More Reviews about The Guild 3

From E3 to the RPC, from Gamescom all the way to PAX West, The Guild 3 has made quite an impression these last three months. During that time, we’ve been talking to a lot of journalists and gamers, as well as several diehard fans of the Guild series and we are aware that all kinds of news and announcements are welcome by all. So we thought you’d be interested in some The Guild 3 reviews recently posted online.


After meeting at Gamescom with Jean-René Couture, head of GolemLabs Studios, Sergio Brinkhuis, from Hooked Gamers[1], had a lot of exciting things to say. Mostly, he was really happy to finally play the latest version of The Guild 3 and to explore the gameplay of the scenario map. He also made some good points about the differences with the previous Guild games: “In the previous two games you play a rogue or a guard straight away. In The Guild 3 only the crafting professions are available right from the start and any of the others need to be unlocked.” Jean-René then explained to him that it was “[…] in part to help players adapt to the game in a more natural way, initially leaving out more complex mechanics such as of guarding your businesses and carts.”


During the 2016 edition of E3, many had the chance to see and listen to a presentation of The Guild 3. Among them, Jesse Woo from RPGFan[2], explaining that the complexity of the gameplay was already making his head spin (in a good way; don’t worry! 😀 ): “The game is largely open ended, allowing players themselves to define “win” conditions. If the player seeks to rule a vast kingdom, they can do so. If they simply wish to create a merchant empire, they can do that as well.” Also at E3, Shawn Goff from The Gamers Lounge[3] seemed genuinely impressed by what he saw: from the new features of this third installment to the new 12 scenario maps. Here’s what he said: “By mixing roleplaying aspects with life and economy simulation, Guild 3 creates a wonderfully rich experience. […] Guild 3 is easily one of the most in-depth games I’ve ever seen and I seriously can’t wait for it get released.”


One thing is for sure: even though we’re aware that all of you, the fans, can’t wait to play The Guild 3, we still want to deliver the best game you could ever dream of. That’s always been our main goal. Back in 2014, Caroline Valdenaire from GamePlane[4] sensed that: “One thing is for certain: the developers have learned their lessons and do not want to deliver an unfinished game. So: better to wait for a bug-free game. We have great patience, since we know it will pay off.”


It has been announced at Gamescom that The Guild 3 should be released in early 2017. So, you will need a little bit more of that legendary patience. But don’t worry. We promise it will be all worth it in the end! 🙂 In the meantime, stay tuned! We got more surprises coming your way!



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