News about Patch EA 0.9.14

Hello The Guild fans,

During our tests of the final patch EA 0.9.14 we noticed some loose screws with the aggressiveness of the AI, which we had fastened at the beginning of this week – once the AI had reached the citizen title and had enough money, all AI dynasties started with “all out war”. With a few changes, we brought a little peace back in the game. But we have to test our last changes extensively, so we have to delay the launch of the patch to next week.
We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but the waiting time will be worth it – here’s a little spoiler on the patch notes for you:

– the AI is now a lot more active and acting with own objectives
– we upgraded the level of difficulty
– the moral attitudes system has been bugfixed and balanced further; invitations into Guilds should be incoming again 🙂
– the reputation system has been bugfixed and balanced
– we fixed more than 150 bugs, 13 of them were crash bugs
… and much more