Game feature: Kidnapping skill

Alena was daydreaming quietly in the backyard of the family house, alone for a change, far away from all her younger brothers and sisters still inside. It was quiet, peaceful. The silence almost felt disturbing…

Little did she know that she wasn’t alone at all. A mysterious man, in the darkness of the trees, was hiding a few feet away from her. He was counting the seconds till he would approach and take her. Alena has been in his mind constantly, these last few weeks. He just couldn’t stop thinking about her, even though she didn’t seem to notice him at all. How could Henryk change that? How could he make her aware of his mere presence? A flash then came in his mind. Now he knew what he would do.


Right at the same time, Henryk saw Godfrey, Alena’s 16 year-old brother coming out of the house. Godfrey was standing silently and patiently behind his sister, waiting for the right moment to scare her. Henryk saw the boy moving forward, slowly.

“BOO!” the young cried.

-Ahhhh! Godfrey!” said Alena.

The sister, seemingly furious, was yelling something else at her younger brother but Henryk was standing too far away to hear correctly.


Sighing and ignoring her younger brother, Alena went a little farther away from him, very determined to be alone today. But Godfrey was still looking at her, searching for something that they could do together. He wanted to spend time with his big sister but she always wanted to be left alone. Godfrey could not understand why, and felt sad about it. Why do big sisters always seem to find their brother annoying?


Meanwhile, Henryk came closer to them, still watching their every move. Crouched behind the house’s fence, waiting for the sun to come down a bit more. At sundown it would be perfect. Perfect timing, with the perfect plan. But it would have to be executed quickly for the sun was already setting.

It wasn’t long before it got a little darker. But luck was on Henryk’s side.

“Couldn’t you just leave me alone? asked Alena to Godfrey.

-To do what? All you ever want to do is being left alone. You barely talk to any of us.

-I’m just dreaming of the day you will all finally get off my back.

-You’re acting like a brat, said Godrey to his big sister. You know what? I’m two years younger than you are but sometimes, I swear, it’s like I am the first born. Not you.

-Oh! For Christ’s sake”, said Alena, before getting up and going back inside the house.

It was time. Approaching silently, with his big bag, his gloves on and his little smirk. With no noise at all, Henryk took the boy, put a hand on his mouth to stop him from screaming and dragged him to his cart. Back in his hut, Henryk took the young man inside and forced him to sit on a chair .

“Hi, Godfrey. How are you doing?”

Henryk could see that the boy was afraid. But Godfrey’s muteness was bothering him a little more each minute passing by. “I asked you how you were doing! barked Henryk. You’d better answer me, buddy! You won’t go anywhere until you do!”

Afraid of never seeing his home again, Godfrey heard Henryk loud and clear and answered all his following questions. Still, the young boy couldn’t put his finger on what was wanted from him. So he went back to the silent treatment. Soon anyway, Henryk was pacing in front of him, for several minutes. Probably wondering about his plan… Godfrey had no idea. And stayed silent.


Alena woke up the next morning, feeling sad. She went to sleep with great concern. Her younger brother Godfrey had disappeared; nobody could find him. They had rifle through all the backyard and the small forest behind the fences. But Godfrey was nowhere to be seen and Alena felt guilty of her attitude the day before, when all he wanted was to spend time with her.

She went down for breakfast, dreading the looks on her family’s face. Now that they knew she was outside with him when he disappeared, they would hold her responsible. But when she came in the same room as everyone, the other family members were all in circle, reading what seemed to be a small piece of paper. It said: “If you want to see him again, I want his sister’s hand in marriage by supper. I want the one who was outside with him. You have your deadline; now, make it happen.”


Alena looked at her mother’s teary eyes, then at her father’s stern face and she knew right away. Her brother was coming back. And she would have to go.

She was doomed.




PS: by no means are we encouraging “kidnapping” or anything of that sort. This text and the ones on Facebook are to take with a grain of salt :-).