Game feature: Harbors and everything maritime

As you may remember, we told you earlier that the primary goal of the game, if you want it to be, can be to develop trade and business, and it’s normally done through commerce. So keep in mind that markets and trade are really important and that it can become the center of your gameplay.


But then again, in The Guild 3, you will have another option for trade and profits and it is another important feature: the marine components of the game! We are talking about the ports, the ships, the seas and everything related. In another post, we talked a bit about the far trade that you will be able to use, once you unlocked this action. All this trade is linked directly to the ports that you will find in the scenario maps of the game. Well, far trade is not only possible via ships, but we will concentrate on maritime trade here…


Besides the ports, you will find that there are three types of ships in The Guild 3: the smaller one is like a rowboat, the medium one is for merchants traveling individually and the big one is for a larger crew of merchants, going for a big trip. Regarding each waterways they were all inspired by the real ones. The artists tried to make them as similar as possible, as far as shape and historical accuracy goes. For example; the Seine is present in the Paris map, the river Thames is in London, etc.



And how will you be able to make use of them in The Guild 3? Remember, in addition to the markets to buy or sell any items, there will be far trade as well. When you feel like markets are not the best option for you, or when markets aren’t giving you what you “need”, you will have to consider going to a farther market “outside” of the map, sometimes using a boat (or a cart)! When you want some silk, wine, or anything else imported, you will have to jump on a boat and sail away (manner of speaking 😉 !). But yes, sending ships overseas will be a way of making more money with these rare items. It will be the opportunity to buy (at a lower price) or sell (at a higher price) products that aren’t even in your local markets.


Also, keep in mind that upon your arrival at the port, you will send a ship that will sail farther away in the map (but like in another map)! While you can’t see what happens outside the map boundaries, once you send your ship, a menu will appear to keep you updated of the time and the progress of your “transaction”. So you will always know what’s happening, even if you’re not physically there.


For today, we give you a picture of a middle sized ship, and one of the biggest in the game!