Game Action: Jugglery

We’ve been telling you for a while about the “Sleight of hand” branch, the Thief profession, and everything related to it. And now, we are back with another fun aspect of it because yes, even if you can go all dark with this skill, you can also stay in the light and still have fun :-).


This week, we’ll talk about the Jugglery action! To sum up the “Sleight of hand” branch in the skill tree, let’s  remind ourselves that it is at the base of a complex gameplay (if you want it, it’s your choice). Your character can become really versatile with this branch, going toward a dark path (leading to thievery), or toward the route of lawfulness and public entertainment, with amazing crowds watching you doing tricks to make the people of the city laugh. All things that will bring coins and xp to your dynasty. Even so, those who have mastered this talent can attract more viewers at the same spot and distract the city guards from their duties, thus limiting their ability to notice other illicit activities…


For today, we will take for granted that you choose to stay good while playing The Guild 3, with the “Sleight of hand” skill ;-). Because if you remember correctly, there’s a few illegal options available for you (pick-pocket, burglary, etc.). But let’s assume you chose the lawful way: performing public tricks!


All you have to do is select your character, hop on a street of your choice and click on the “Jugglery” action! There, you will see your character do the little animation that you saw on Tuesday, and you will then receive coins and xp for your dynasty! As simple as that. If you’re quite successful, money will come easily since the enthusiastic citizens will throw you several coins. Again and again. But you will have to work hard at your acrobatics’ skill, that’s for sure!

Historically speaking, jugglers were quite the outcast in a city! First, they were going from one town to another all the time! Second, they were judged as immorals, able to do tricks with a twist of magic (a dangerous idea throughout the Middle Ages). All in all, jugglers were considered coarse and were not socially accepted. That’s why you’ll need to work harder at your skill if you want to be recognized for it, even though jugglery was a popular form of entertainment, mostly performed in marketplaces, streets, fairs and/or taverns. Therefore, you can go for it and perform short and humorous acts of jugglery, then pass a hat around to see if you were popular among your audience!


We are happy to bring the “Jugglery” back in The Guild 3  because, as you know, there will be some things coming back from the previous Guild games. Just like we did with the “Vagabonds” in The Guild 2 Renaissance. Vagabonds were like robbers and they begged for money. Just like the jugglers.


Take a look at our pictures for the “Jugglery” action in the game!