From the soapbox #9

At this point, you all know that with the Guild franchise, you’re getting a complex and historically accurate medieval game, with a lot of things to do and to understand. To ease things up a bit, we are coming up with a very complete help system that includes a help menu, multiple ingame tutorials, as well as an interlink for a thorough manual ingame. Those of you who will opt for the box version of the game will also get a shorter instruction manual. The box version of the game will also have its version.


The Help menu is filled with information about every component of the game. Please, feel free to browse it whenever you feel lost and/or if anything doesn’t seem clear to you, but also if you have forgotten something! Besides, since all maps can have dynamic rules in The Guild 3, the Help window will try to present the rules of the map currently being played.


For the tutorials, you can see them begin as soon as you enter your new game! We recommend that you do it at least once before going through the game because like we said, The Guild 3 is still a very complex game in itself! And even if you played other games in the Guild series, many things have changed in how the game is presented and how it’s played, so the tutorials are absolutely a must ;-)!  On top of that, there are hints that will try to get you started on the right path ingame, and point out new elements and advancements you might want to make.


While we tried our best and made great efforts to design the game in a more “accessible” way for every player, please remember that The Guild 3 is not a simple game and you might feel lost easily at first. Rest assured: it’s totally normal! That’s why we created so many ways to help you in the short (and the long) run! We really hope you will appreciate them, and use them at full capacity! 🙂