From the soapbox #8

While we’re waiting for some new reviews about The Guild 3’s presence at the E3, we decided to talk a little bit more about a new profession in the game: the Shaman! This one character in particular is the same as the Medicus (a doctor/healer that costs no money, and has no efficiency), except that you have a higher chance of dying, and/or leaving his hut in a worst shape than when you entered it. But, hey! At least, it’s cheaper! We are guessing that’s a risk some are ready to take, when there’s no money to spare… 🙂 But remember that: the Shaman can be dangerous, sometimes causing injuries, instead of truly healing. Known at times as a “Tooth Ripper”, he will also offer his services as a barber and a butcher/surgeon… Interesting mix, wouldn’t you say 🙂 ?


In the skill tree, the Shaman is situated at the base of the Herbalism path and is the first one of its vein. Should you be interested in Herbalism, you can stay at the base (all you want) or specialize yourself in one of its four paths. We already told you about them, a while ago. They are: Apothecary, Alchemist, Medicus or Scribe. You can see the Shaman’s little shack of the Shaman (of Level 1) in one of the pictures. Just be aware of all the perils that you can encounter when you go and see him. After all, he is a bonesetter of so many different things and problems, with so many risks around him. But still, every village got its own so there has to be some good in what the shaman does… sometimes. With him using products like herbal teas and bandages, it can only lead to one thing (one time out of two), so good luck with that!

To understand a bit more, we draw you a little sketch of the Shaman path, in addition to the three beautiful screenshots (of the hut, and an ingame scene).