From the soapbox #5

Since we’ve been quite serious in the last few weeks (or so we think), we thought we could have some fun by talking about one of the scenes that is on the verge of being completed: the execution :-).


There will be several scenes and cutscenes in The Guild 3; some bigger than others, some will be more complex, etc. The scene of the execution is a different one because it’s ingame. You can be on the verge of being hanged, after being found guilty of all your crimes, or you can pass along in the city center and see an unfortunate fellow be executed.


Because yes, after a hard and demanding trial, if you’re convicted and sentenced to death for your faults, we thought it would be… hmm… nice to have a special scene of execution, just for fun or to scare you a little bit… You pick! Please, keep in mind that if you’re sentenced to death, there will be a small delay and then, your character will be sent off to the execution place. When you get there, the bailiff will tell every citizen present about your crime and what you have done, seconds away before the guard (the executioner, the second most important) will pull the machinery under your feet. And then, say goodbye to your dynasty… unless you listened to our advice and got some offspring out of your happy marriage! If you did, congratulations! You will be able to choose your heir and continue your ascent to power and wealth! If you did not, your game will be over and we are truly sorry for you! Better luck next time 😉 Maybe someday you will learn to listen to us…