From the Soapbox #12

It’s been a while, but we’re back with information about a game feature that’s coming to you, really soon! We wanted to talk about the Societies that we implemented in The Guild 3. Besides what we told you over a year ago, we can also say that there will be about a dozen different Societies. Among them, there will be the Freemasons (of course), the Alchemists Guild, the Brotherhood of Light, the Order of the Knights, etc. (For a complete list, you can go on In every scenario map of the game, there will be up to five societies – some may be secret, some may be known… for all people of this particular map. You will have to be perceptive!


Still, if you get lucky enough to be approached by the Leader of a certain Society, you will acquire many privileges (keep in mind that that Leader is the only one who can offer you to join; you can’t be the one who asks 😉 ). Mostly, once you’re ”in”, you will have new powers, specific items at the market, with special artefacts. You have a better access to politics, because now you know about some vicious things happening behind closed doors! But you will also have some new enemies coming your way, because of your new alliances. With all these changes, some relationships may change suddenly, since you’re part of a new ”club”, and you will have to deal with it! You may be able to do something (bad) about it, or not. It depends on many things like your Society’s philosophy, its motto, its alignment, its attitude and its motivations. All of these can modify your perceptions.

Sincerely, we hope you will have a lot of fun with the Societies’ feature that we included in The Guild 3!

And yes, it will be available for you at Early Access, September 26. Be ready to try it, to unite with it, and to mold the city with your new philosophy!