From the Soapbox #11

One of the most important things for a game like ours is the interface. We’ve shown you many images of the 3D world, but like you probably noticed, we haven’t said much of how the information is presented and used. That’s why we teamed up with NUKKLEAR from Germany to enhance the user experience and why we’ve been continually striving to make the interface better and more user-friendly.


The Guild 3 is a game with a lot of information, and a lot of moving parts. The interaction between these moving parts is what enables you to understand what is going on, and how to act to advance your goals. You need to have clear and relevant information quickly. Deciding what that information is, where to put it and how to manipulate it, is a daunting task. We’ve been testing and testing multiple ways to address the various challenges it presents.


All at the same time, we wanted to present something that built on what was already there. This is the 3rd version of the game, and there was no need to reinvent the wheel when something was working before, and was familiar to the community. So, we believe that we’ve achieved a goal of being both familiar and new; ideally, this latest version will please you all.


Gamescom will kick off two weeks from now. Almost the entire development team of The Guild 3, as well as the production team, will be on deck in Cologne to witness you play with the game. We’ll be extremely happy to hear all comments, questions, and suggestions on how the game plays, both from fans of the series and newcomers alike! Hope you will enjoy this first public showing of the updated interface.