FAQ (1)

We know you are (im)patiently waiting for your favorite game and we completely understand. But while we are busy at work finishing it ;-), we took a little time to answer some frequently asked questions. Just know that we took a look at several of your questions on Facebook, all the forums and Steam.

We will be coming back this Thursday with more answered questions!

1- When is The Guild 3 coming out?

GolemLabs and THQ Nordic both want to create the best game possible of The Guild 3 for you. Please know that when the game is released, it’s because the level of quality will have met the highest of expectations. This is why that for now, all we can tell you is that we plan to release the game during the second half of 2017.

2- Can I help you testing The Guild 3? (Beta tester, Closed Beta, Early access, etc.)

We don’t have a set schedule for “public” testing at the moment. We may have one in the future but a definite decision has not yet been taken. We’ve been testing with various outside groups in addition to everyone at GolemLabs and THQNordic.

3- Will the game have that annoying bug from the prior version?

We’ve started from scratch on the technology side, so no codebase elements from the previous titles are present in the game, and likely no previous bugs will creep up in this version. We’re currently making sure that, as with any PC game, The Guild 3 is as bug-free as can be so that launch and post-launch support is as smooth as possible.

4-There is a feature of TG1 or TG2 that I really love – did you include it?

When we started designing The Guild 3, we wanted to keep the best elements from the previous titles. We also wished to push those titles even further in some new directions. The official website and Facebook page are currently showcasing some of these new features. But we can tell you that one of the main focus right from the start has been to create a “real” Guild game that would feel familiar to every fans of the series.

5- Will The Guild 3 come in a box version? With a Steam code? On Steam? Will it be available online or in a store? And can I pre-order?

Yes, yes, yes and yes! We will maximize the opportunities for you to get the game on release, both physically and digitally. Stay tuned for more information when we get closer to release.

6- Will the game support Multiplayer outside of Steam?

We’re using a matchmaking system that isn’t dependant on a Steam account. So yes, both Steam  and non-Steam players can play together (you can even have LAN and internet combined games). We’re supporting some Steam features though, like achievements and the ability to use it to distribute custom content created by the players.

7- Do you plan to release the game on Mac? On PlayStation, XBox, etc.?

For now, The Guild 3 will only be released on PC. If there is more, we will inform you. Releasing the game on Mac is on our list for a possible ports, but there’s nothing official yet.

8- Which languages will be available at release?

For now, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Polish. Others might be available in the future.

9- Will you be able to view inside your business and see your character and employees at work?

In The Guild 3, you will have interior scenes, but not for all businesses. We bring the work visualizations to the 3D world. Scenes where gameplay warrants it, like in the inn, medicus or the church, will have interior scenes, as is the case with the inside of your home.

10- I’ve seen the game working last summer, how come it’s not released yet? Is there a problem?

The game has been working for a very long time, yes. But The Guild 3 is a complex game, and our goal has always been to make it as good as possible. Sometimes ideas that we had turned out not working too well, and sometimes new things came along that we wanted to try. This does not mean that development will continue forever, of course! But we’ve said from the beginning that we’d release the game when it meets our standards of fun, and that’s why we’re not taking anything for granted and always making sure everything is top-notch.