DevDiary – June 2018

Dear Guild-Fans,

A week ago it was announced that Purple Lamp Studios is on board developing The Guild 3. But who is the team behind this studio who takes care of The Guild 3? We know that you have many pressing questions, so we want to talk about some of these in our first DevDiary.

THQ Nordic and Sproing, the predecessor of Purple Lamp Studios, had some successful projects together. Beside that there are some close business contacts as well as some private contacts. So THQ Nordic knows the team of Purple Lamp for a while and the publisher knows their skills and qualities.
Naturally it is not easy to take over a long running project. That is why Purple Lamp focussed on familiarizing themselves with the code of the game for a while, before they released their first update for The Guild 3.

You could see in that update, that we were focussed on other topics then many in the community expected. This is why we want talk about how we are working as a team, how we prioritize and how we plan to restart the communication with you, the community of The Guild 3. We will talk more about our next plans in coming DevDiaries.

The team is working with the SCRUM method, which means that we work in so-called Sprints. Every Sprint has a specific goal and at the end of a Sprint we must have a version that we could release as a patch. We are paying close attention that the team only works on the topics we initially aimed. The team needs to stay focussed to avoid the risk of new bugs in the game.
Until now our focus is camera, controls and feedback. These are the “basics” of a game and we take care of them first. We have analysed the game and the missing features and we have categorised everything in thematic blocks. Our goal is to work on one thematic block after the other, to strengthen the base of the game and therewith make the game better over time. After that we will work on larger features like multiplayer and AI.

As you may have noticed, we are present in the forums since the announcement. We read your criticisms and your wishes. We understand that you are wistfully waiting for features like the multiplayer and that you want to know when those features will be implemented. As pointed out above we will first strengthen the core gameplay, before we shift our focus to large features. We will inform you in the patch notes what we plan for the next patch and the time after.

Last but not least, let us assure you that we are aware of the responsibility that we took with The Guild 3. We are confident that we will master this project.


Best regards,

Milo Gutmann, Game Director, Purple Lamp Studios
Heinrich Meyer, Producer, THQ Nordic