DevDiary #32 “Creating Worlds” – August 2022

Another short update on what we are doing at the moment.

Naturally, we are still hunting for bugs and balancing issues. For example, one of the most annoying bugs you face during your play is that transporters on manually set up routes restart their tour with waypoint 1 after they have been interrupted. We were able to solve the issue with a lot of time and sweat… and not all of it was due to the heat 😉 This damn bug was buried very deep in the code and not easy to fix.

We are still working on the ipv6 issue in multiplayer. We are currently reworking our Peer to Peer library to support edge cases. We hope, but unfortunately cannot guarantee, that the problem will be fixed with the upcoming patch.

We are preparing patch 1.0.4 for end of August / beginning of September. It will be the last one in collaboration with the Purple Lamp team. Purple Lamp has done an amazing job of bringing the game thus far!

The development of The Guild 3 however will not be over then, as THQ Nordic is still not willing to call the game done yet! A small team will work on something many of you are waiting for: the Editor. We can not and will not promise anything at this moment other than that you will be able to create your own maps at some point.

It is still some weeks ahead, but I want to say thank you to Purple Lamp for their hard work and all the effort they have taken with The Guild 3. You made it, guys 🙂

Your The Guild 3-Team