DevDiary #31 “Bug Hunting” – July 2022

Hello everyone,

This is a short update on what we are working on at the moment.

We received reports of players stating that the game usually immediately crashed when starting (some could play for a short amount of time) and we on our side were never able to reproduce this. Thanks to your reports and support we were able to find out that it concerned players who had G Data installed – at this point our special thanks goes to the guys from G Data for the very good cooperation – the problem should already be solved.

Our solutions for some other issues in multiplayer (tag: IPV6) are still underway. We should have them ready for the coming patch. And of course, we are closely looking into other reported crashes as well. In the next patch also the nasty notification spam bug will be fixed. It happens currently when the player sends a family member to the monastery or one of the family members gets banished and then years later those characters die. This leads to a notification spam that can only be worked around by deactivating all messages.

We fixed some major issues (e.g. pathfinding) and minor issues (mostly cosmetic) on all maps and worked on balancing the economy more. The patch will be rounded up with some bug fixes and tweaks for actions as well as corrections of some models and animations.

If nothing goes wrong during our final tests you can expect patch 1.0.3 next week.

Thanks for your awesome feedback and your bug reports. We will keep you updated.

Your The Guild 3-Team