DevDiary #28 “The Arsenal” – March 2022

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The honorable city council has something to announce: The city’s arsenal is now open to all citizens!

You read that right: The arsenal will finally get an interior with the upcoming patch EA 0.9.18, including the honorable Master of the Arsenal and prison cells for the city’s convicted criminals in the basement of the building.
But the arsenal contains even more. Let’s start with the prisoners: if a member of your dynasty is in jail, you can redeem the character from the master for a certain amount of coins. Of course, this happens with the tacit tolerance of the responsible office holder, who also gets a share of the sum… You can also see the names and family affiliations of all prisoners in the jail via the book of prisoners.

Another interactive object in the arsenal is the Book of Guilds. And with that, I want to address another feature in the coming patch: In EA 0.9.18 we offer more improvements and gameplay for the Guilds!
Since patch EA 0.9.17, the influence of the individual actions on the alignment of your dynasty is displayed. With the upcoming patch, we’re going to make the alignment range visible in which you’ll be noticed by a guild once you’ve reached a high title. And once you’ve joined a guild, we’ll also visualize the alignment range from which you’re threatened with expulsion.

But that’s not all, because there are new events in the game!
The individual guilds in the city call for some of these events. So you can participate in the construction of a cathedral in another city for the Freemasons. Or you can undertake a long-distance journey for the Guild of Alchemists to a congress on metaphysics.
Like the well-known long-distance trade trips, these events are not without danger, but if your character has good attributes and equipment – and of course a bit of luck – very advantageous buffs beckon or even one or the other piece of equipment or artifact that you can’t get anywhere else.
You can participate as soon as you have acquired the citizen title. And if you’re a member of the guild that is proclaiming the event, then you have a higher chance that your participation will be lucrative for you.

We continued our works on the economy and this time we concentrated more on the non-producing business buildings, e.g. the Robber camp or the Minstrel’s tent: the actions of these buildings with a target location have been reworked and from now on you can send your workers to specific locations on the map where they will perform these actions until you give them another task. You can choose the target location yourself or you can choose a target area for all actions in your business building, in which your workers will move. And of course it is still possible to start these actions automatically and without selecting a target location or target area.
Finally it is possible for you to target a single village or a district or an area and make life difficult for the other dynasties 🙂
This is of course not all we have changed or bug-fixed in regards to the economy!

We have again fixed many bugs and further balanced the game in the last few weeks. Besides, that’s not all you can expect in the next patch 🙂

We currently assume that we will have completed all work on the patch by the end of March and that you will be able to play Patch EA 0.9.18 yourself in early / mid April.

Your The Guild 3 Team