DevDiary #24 – Part 3 “Interiors FAQ” – November 2021

Hear ye, hear ye!

Another week, another part of the DevDiary #24 “Interiors FAQ”. So let’s jump on your questions…
Ah, stop! Next week we will most likely be able to tell you more about the patch EA 0.9.16 🙂

Q: Why was the multiplayer so unstable and/or not functional in the last weeks?
A: Yeah, we are still very sorry for that… The reason was not the game’s code but the multiplayer platform we use. They had some trouble, but they have it under control now.

Q: You said that you will work on the exterior areas of the business buildings. Can you please tell us more?
A: First of all, as we already stated, characters will finally be able to move on the exterior areas of all businesses and will no longer be beamed from point to point. This also means that you will see your workers walking from workplace to workplace doing different production steps like in the predecessors of The Guild 3. And you will see citizens purchasing in your front stores. The only characters you will not see are henchmen who are spying and thieves who break into your buildings.

Q: What are you planning for the interiors of the churches?
A: First of all, let me clarify that when we talk about ‘churches’, we are talking about the public church buildings and not about the buildings linked to the profession of the preacher. Those are business buildings and we don’t plan to give the preacher hut an interior.
Our goal is that your character has to interact with the churches and/or the interiors of the churches for actions like ‘Donate to church’ or when you want to adopt a poor orphan. NPCs will visit the church and sit down on the benches for a prayer. And we plan a wedding scene 😉

Q: Will the church have an NPC priest and the town hall an NPC town secretary with which one can interact?
A: We are planning to implement these NPCs. But I can’t give you more details on them at the moment.

Q: What can we expect of the interior of the arsenal? Will it be a “dead” interior with no interactivity?
A: The interior of the arsenal will include the supply storage/ armoury of the city where for example the smuggler will find some opportunities. And there are stairs into the cellar of the buildings where you can find the city’s jail with the criminals being locked away. And we have some other plans for the interior of the arsenal, of which I will tell you more in one of the coming DevDiaries.

Q: What else will the next patch include besides the interiors for residences?
A: I give you the short version – all details will be included in the patch notes: besides the interiors of the residences and the family life, you will get dozens of bug fixes, the walkable and animated exterior for all businesses, some new city NPC behaviors, some new actions and a lot of new animations and sounds.