DevDiary #20 “Luck is on your side!” – July 2021

Hello everybody,

In DevDiary #19 in June we talked about the new rogue profession “Smuggler”, the new 3 characters player party and that we plan to have all texts translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. In this DevDiary you will learn about some of our plans for the coming patch EA 0.9.15 and we answer some of the questions you addressed in Discord and in the forums.

Luck and bad luck! For those of you who haven’t noticed: yes, you can find it in The Guild 3. For example, put on a lucky stone or a hare’s paw and you’ll be a little lucky. Luck has rarely been taken into account so far, mainly in dice games in the inn and a few other actions. Incidentally, your bad luck got bigger when you lost at the dice game. With EA 0.9.15 luck (and bad luck) will be taken into account on more occasions, for example when you are starting a romance or when traveling long-distance. And there will also be a new action with which you will be able to get a little more luck (or bad luck) for a short time.

Many of you have been waiting for customers of the inn to consume drinks and meals and the customers of the barber to consume soap for a long time. And they will do that in the coming patch! While the basic income for services will be lower, the overall income can even be higher than in previous versions. The same applies to the hospital, apothecary and herb hut: the patients consume medicine when they are being treated.

Another innovation will be the “rostrum”. As soon as you have achieved a high title and have the necessary amount of coins, you will be able to erect a rostrum in the city and boast about your achievements, juggle, play music and win believers, of course with greater chances of success than if you simply do this on the street. In addition, we have given the “banquet”, which you can produce in your mansion, a further possibility of usage: From now on, you can not only give a family feast in your mansion, but also a small city festival from your rostrum.

And now to some of your questions from Discord and the forums that we want to answer for you here. We know there are a lot more and we will try to answer them bit by bit.

Q: Can we have a setting to play with 0 opponent dynasties for people who just wanna chill and roleplay in the game?
A: Yes, this will be possible. We are considering it for one of our future updates.

Q: Is it intentional having the ability to marry NPCs who carry a lot of items in inventory, and be able to sell said valuables after marriage?
A: This is something we have been discussing internally a lot for a while. The reason why NPCs carry items is that robbers and thieves can… ehm… earn money with their… ehm… job. So NPCs have to carry items they purchase in front stores or at the market. And some players are waiting to marry until the future spouse has some dowry.
In the future NPCs will alter their inventory more often. Please tell us what you think of that in the comments.

Q: My transporters spend too much money on backpacks and/or carts without me telling them. When will you change that?
A: We already have a solution for this! You can go to the “Game” section of the ingame Options and uncheck the “Automatically equip transporters”.

Q: Can we please have the option to auto-leveling of our characters? Especially in longer game sessions this becomes really annoying.
A: You can go to the “Game” section of the ingame Options and check the “Automatically level up workers”

Q: The game starts with loud sounds in the start video although I have turned Music and SFX volume down…
A: Since version EA 0.9.14 you can adjust or turn off the video volume in the “Sound” section of the ingame Options.

Q: Why does my storage always run full? Why is the game ignoring my storage limits?
A: You set a maximum limit for a product but it seems as if the limit is ignored and the storage runs slowly full. As an end result, your production comes to a complete stop because there is no space in your storage left any more.
The main culprit of the described problem is – not in all but in many – cases a too small number of transporters.
Why? The transporters are the masters of the storage rules. They pick up all the products which exceed the maximum limit and sell them to the markets. They are the only ones who balance out the limit in your businesses. If your workers are faster in producing than the transporter picking up items and selling them, your storage will overflow. Thus, it is highly important to always keep an eye on the workers/transporter ratio of your businesses. Some businesses will need more transporters and less workers and some less transporters and more workers to reach a good balance.
With hotfix patch EA we fixed a problem in some of the businesses like the herb hut or the orchardist. Those businesses will gather many plants or fruit in a very short time. So far, they had only one transporter and their storage ran easily full over time. With the hotfix, you can unlock a second transporter in the building add-ons in the respective buildings. This should even out problems with transportation times and clogged storages in these buildings. Please let us know if you still experience problems with clogged storages.

Q: Why does my transporter run all over the map to sell an item?
A: Our market prices are driven by the system of demand and supply. When the amount of an item in one market is too high, prices for this item will drop for this specific market. Thus, selling the same item to the same market every time will lead to prices below the production costs and the business will not be profitable anymore and as a consequence go bankrupt. Because of that, transporters need to travel to other markets even if they are further away from the business to keep it profitable. In case the transporters can’t keep up with the workers due to the longer distances, it might be a good idea to either hire an additional transporter or to construct a warehouse/storage building close to your affected businesses to serve as a strong and reliable supply hub for your businesses.
Please take into account that transporters who travel far might run more frequently into an ambush. Unconscious transporters or transporters who are waiting for treatment might also have a severe impact on the execution of your storage rules. To solve that problem, you can either hire more transporters, equip your transporters with some nice and shiny weapons, hire a henchman for them, find the culprits and get “creative” 🙂