DevDiary #19 “All power to the Party!” – June 2021

Hello everybody,

As you know, we want to launch patch EA 0.9.15 in August. I would like to spoil today a few things we are doing for the update.

First of all, we continue to work on AI and on balancing. Your feedback so far has already given us some valuable input. Please don’t stop giving us more feedback on these points. Thanks!

With patch EA 0.9.15 we will update our in-game tutorial wiki. The tutorial wiki should then contain the information and explanations about the recent feature updates and the style and visibility of the texts, as well as the images in the wiki, will also be improved.

In the patch notes of EA 0.9.13 in March this year we hinted that we work on a new rogue profession. And yes, that’s true! This new profession is the “Smuggler”.
Officially the smuggler manages a smeary rum den no one really wants to visit. So the smuggler has to send out their workers to lure in citizens. Once in, they drink and some of them might talk. The main reason for the smuggler to serve rum to the revellers is to get information about opportunities to smuggle goods, so that they can send out their workers to get their hands on valuable goods. The smuggler may even be lucky and get possession of some exotic wares. Smuggling can be very profitable and dangerous alike, keep that in mind.

Now, let me tell you something about another of our core features of the next patch. Before I’ll go into the details, I’ll let the cat out of the bag: with EA 0.9.15 you will get a real player party with 3 characters!
The first and most important character of your party is and remains the head of your family / your Avatar but additionally the game features now also a “left hand” and a “right hand” of the leader.
The left and right hands can be replaced anytime by the player, although the characters won’t really like it if you throw them out of your party. Your avatar will not just give up his or her position unless the character dies or leaves for the monastery. As before, the heir will then take over the leader’s position of your dynasty.
The members of your party can use more actions and artifacts than your other family members. The party is displayed prominently in the HUD. You have access to the 3 characters at any time and you can always see what they are doing or what is happening to them.

We are all very excited to see what you think of it!

Finally, I would like to mention again that with patch EA 0.9.15 almost all texts will be translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Texts that come into the game after the patch will at least for a while be in English and German only. We will take care of translating them later.

In DevDiary #20 next month I’ll talk a bit about another cool feature and about some of the new actions in patch EA 0.9.15 🙂