DevDiary #14 – “Of love and competition” – October 2020

Hello everybody!

We revealed the new professions to you in the last three Developer Diaries and talked about a number of other features in the large EA 0.9.12 patch. Today we’d like to talk a little about the minor things in the upcoming patch that can have a big impact on your gaming experience.

We mentioned it before, but let us take it up again: once the patch is available, you will be able to kiss your spouse and thus … well … strengthen the feeling of togetherness. If you should take the somewhat rude path of having a love affair, then you can also kiss your lover and strengthen your relationship – but don’t let your spouse catch you 🙂 take this warning seriously, because if your wife or husband is too close to the “crime scene”, he or she will notice and be deeply hurt … No declarations of love or gifts help either. At most a family feast in your mansion, for which you have to put together a very expensive buffet. By the way, the family feast will also appease a disinherited heir of yours…

Speaking of the mansion, let’s also say a few words about the other residences. The higher the level of your residence, the more and more valuable items you can produce there. These items can be used by your family members, such as the signet ring or the family sword. In addition to expensive but readily available ingredients to produce these items, you always need a few exotic goods that you can find on long distance trips.

With EA 0.9.12 we will be introducing new artifacts such as the skull lamp and the strong door latch. Both can be attached to a building, but while the skull lamp has negative effects, the strong door latch improves the building’s security. We’re also introducing a new ranged weapon: the throwing knife. And, and, and … We also turned a few existing items into artifacts, such as the “Flower of Discord”. Some of you will surely have good – or bad – memories of this scent from a previous guild game.

In addition to a lot of new actions, we also modified some of the existing ones. At this point the “audit books” should be mentioned, an official privilege with which one can shut down the operation of a competitor’s business building for a while. And we have added new dialogs to a number of actions which should give you an indication of what AI characters (or your fellow players) are doing while you are passing by.
We have responded to your request and made the price trends in the market menu more clear for you. As of EA 0.9.12 the tutorial and the in-game help have been revised and should enable new players to get started better and offer new useful information to old hands.

Besides many bug fixes – thank you again for all your bug reports! – we also invested a lot of time in balancing. This primarily affects the AI, various actions and professions (yes, including the rogue professions 🙂 ). We will continue balancing more intensely after the patch.

We hope that you enjoyed this further insight and that you are at least as excited about the patch release in November as we are ourselves.