DevDiary #13 – “Of shawms, pots and fish” – September 2020


As you may have already guessed, we are heading for a very big update for The Guild 3, which you can presumably expect to see beginning of November: Patch EA 0.9.12. We already told you a lot about this update in the last two developer diaries, but by no means everything.

Before we go into more detail about patch EA 0.9.12, we would like to tell you that there will also be a bigger update most likely beginning of October (Patch EA 0.9.11) which among other things includes the leasing of mine, quarry and lumberjack and a complete overhaul of the building menus and production, plus a large number of bug fixes, of course! We have decided to do a public beta test for EA 0.9.11 on Steam – more on this in the corresponding announcement.

In the last two developer diaries we have revealed that we are implementing eight new professions and many other features. You already know five of the new professions: the tinkerer, the barber, the gravedigger, the orchardist and the preacher. Today we want to reveal the last three new professions:

– The potter
The potter is the second new profession in the handicraft skill branch. Their products do not only include the obligatory jugs and mugs, but also an item with which you can temporarily improve your buildings properties.

– The fisher
With this new profession, we are implementing a new source of resources: the fishing spot. There the fishers can catch the fish they need for their business, and those who have learned the appropriate skill can from now on retreat there, cast their fishing rod and pull many interesting objects out of the water. The fisher belongs to the food preparation branch in the skill tree.

– The minstrel
Minstrels belong to the rogue skill branch. They make their coins by entertaining people with their music. What could be more obvious than including the appropriate musical instruments, animations and of course some music for their play?
Like the fisher, the preacher and the gravedigger, the minstrel also has an action for your avatars: You can “play a serenade” on a courted character. Of course with musical instruments, animations and sound!

We have already mentioned new animations twice 🙂 patch EA 0.9.12 will contain even more new animations (and new associated actions). This includes, for example, that you can give both your spouse and your liaison a kiss, the latter including possible negative effects on your marriage…

We’re all really excited on how you’ll like this update. We ourselves really enjoy testing the upcoming version, although bug fixing and balancing for the new features have not yet been completed.