DevDiary #11 – “Raising the curtain” – July 2020

Hello everybody!

With Developer Diary #11, we want to provide you with a small preview of the upcoming features and developments in The Guild 3, on which are working: new content and a revision of the balancing. First, it should be said that bug fixing, multiplayer and AI will continue to have the highest priority for us! Therefore, the work on new content was interrupted for a little more than three weeks so that we could work with full manpower on the completion of patch EA 0.9.9.

Now, let us talk about some of the changes to come.
In contrast to the predecessors, in The Guild 3 we have a clear separation between villages and cities, which in turn are divided into individual districts with their own markets. The basic idea is that you play in the village at the beginning of the game and have to earn the right to live and work in the city. We want to and will further deepen this separation, on the one hand by tightening the privileges for the residences and on the other hand by further emphasizing the differences between the individual types of residences.
The farmhouse, for example, can only be built in the village. The next higher residence, the house, can only be built in the city, but requires the title “Citizen”. The actions and / or items that are unlocked by your residence are also changed so that every higher residence gives you more options. And of course, there are new actions and new items for the residence.

Let’s get to the business buildings. There are currently a number of businesses that can only be built in the village, like the crude craftsman hut, the windmill or the robber camp. The first building level of the other, higher-tier businesses like smithy or apothecary can be built in the village and in the city, but the building levels two and three can only be built in the city. We will change that: all three building levels of the higher-tier businesses, such as smithy or apothecary, can now be built exclusively on city grounds. The farm is of course the exception.
Now you will surely think that it will be boring and very monotonous in the villages, because at the start of the game you can only choose one of four professions. This would mean that the villages would be full of crude craftsman huts, farms, robber camps and herb huts.
But don’t worry, we have something up our sleeve for this too: we will introduce !!! 8 !!! new professions. This will not only give you a wider choice of starting professions, but will also allow you to build more different businesses in the village.

We revealed three of these 8 new professions in an interview with Gamestar magazine. First, some of the new professions produce goods, some of which will be new equipment, potions or artifacts. Other professions will have actions to make their money. At the same time, we move some raw materials or products to other businesses and also add a handful of new raw materials and some new products to existing professions. But now, let us talk about the three new professions for The Guild 3, which we want to share with you in today’s developer diary:

– The tinker
The tinker belongs in the handicraft skill branch. Their products include cauldron and simple copper bracelets, but they also need wood for other products. You will be able to choose the profession of tinkerer at the start of the game.

– The barber
This new profession in the scholarly skill branch will be a service provider. Although it is well known that bathing makes you sick and miserable as the clever people of the Middle Ages already knew, this business has, for example, a large bathtub that you can get into for bathing. You can also choose the barber as a starting profession.

– The …
The third profession is an old acquaintance in The Guild series that we will implement in The Guild 3 now. Many of you have asked us to do it. And we missed the profession as well :). We are talking about the gravedigger! You will find this ostracized profession in the rogue skill branch and you will also be able to choose it at the start of the game.

As we said, we are working on more innovations than we have mentioned in this developer diary. In the next DevDiary we will definitely tell you more. Promised!