Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.5.9

(from November 16th 2018 until November 30th 2018)

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

It has been a while already since we released EA 0.5.9. Main goal of that version was to make the core gameplay more transparent and provide better feedback.

  • With the EA 0.5.9 installment we added floating texts to the game. It seems that a big majority is really happy with this new feedback source in the game. There are some who dislike floating texts in general. We were thinking about offering to switch them off in the options menu but unfortunately there are so many actions which mainly show their result as a floating text that we don’t think the game would work without them anymore. What do you think?
  • We also exchanged the wound system with a more classical health point system. You are now also able to see the amount of damage dealt over fighting characters. We are happy that the majority is not missing the wound system, as we think that the classical health point system works better with the feedback provided in the game.  
  • Seems lots of you like to gamble 🙂 With EA 0.5.9 we added different outcomes to actions and it seems that a lot of you are really in favor of different quality levels of outcomes, even if they are bound to some random element.
  • We cleared out a lot of notifications in the lower left and we asked you if it’s now more usable. For a lot it’s still too many notifications and you still lose track of all the messages. We have some ideas on how we can fix that. Stay tuned.
  • To stabilize the early phase of the economy we added a new system to stack the market with base resources whenever they run out of stock. Most of you gave us the feedback that the economy is now more stable. Nevertheless a few of you mentioned that the base prices are now prone to not vary that much anymore. We will check what we can do on that front.
  • Another big construction site is the whole production automation. For EA 0.5.9 we improved the way transporters are deciding what they are going to sell on the market place. It seems that this change was well received. Additionally we added a check-box to the production window which allows you to enable/disable your front store. That was well received but some of you would like to have more control on that.
  • With EA 0.5.9 city guards were also reworked. When they die they respawn after a certain amount of time and will go back to the district they are supposed to guard. It seems you are all following honorable professions in the game as almost everybody was fine with that change 😉
  • We also changed the way inheritance works in your family. Back with EA 0.5.9 there wasn’t a lot of effects to that feature yet, but according to the survey lots of you saw already the potential of it.

Thank you all for the support and your feedback!

As always please let us know in the comments what do you think about our answers? What would you like to add the results?